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In this episode, we visit a store that was built in 1928 and is going to be demolished. It has seen its day and its time to salvage the goodies. The architectural pieces, such as the elevator, wood flooring, and the oak posts and the vintage tin ceiling tiles (about 250 tiles), and the vintage tin crown molding that surrounds it.

We are going in to bid on the tin tiles.

We have to disassemble the items that we bid on and purchase and will be considered in our offer. Follow us along in the video as we meet with the owner, and we take a tour through the building. We will play back our videos and review them to help us determine what offer we will make. Video documenting, we believe, is very helpful. You can easily miss a lot of good and bad areas in a building. When you are looking at a building there can be many distractions going on. Reviewing a video allows us to weigh and consider the positive and negative points in each situation, and also helps us to slow down and make sure we don’t have buyers remorse. Buyer’s remorse can happen in these situations so you have to consider what are you getting yourself into.

Removing anything that is intact in an older building, most times does not go as planned. Always prepare for obstacles to get in your way and more expenses than estimated. Removing tin tiles and tin molding is hard work. DuAnn has removed two of them and can attest to that and to the fact that not all the tin tiles and molding will come down perfectly and undamaged. You will accidentally break or bend some of them, and won’t be able to use those.

The size of the tin ceiling sections does come into factor when selling each tin tile and tin crown moldings. Typically the bigger the piece the more money you will receive. The more ornate tin tile pieces will sell faster. A 20’x 20′ room of tin ceiling tiles sold for $1,800 and a 24’X 30′ sold for about $2,300 for a plain design. As of this writing, tin tile buyers are paying between $15.00 to $50.00 for a single 2’x 2’ornate piece. Do your research before buying to resell.

Your buyers may use the tin tiles and tin crown moldings for many projects. We have some examples below.




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