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The Little Tikes company is known for its durable, long lasting and fairly indestructible toys, both for indoors and outdoors.

Many manufacturers like Little Tikes, eventually discontinue producing certain lines of toys in favor of their new and improved versions. There is a demand for these discontinued items, and this sends the price of the toys, missing parts and their accessories upward.

The older Little Tikes toy boxes are getting harder to find, especially with the original paint and the hinged lid attached. Also, the older Little Tikes toy box can be used as a cooler or an ice chest for tailgating parties, a hamper, or for its original use.

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If you have any old Little Tikes toys, take a look and see if any of them will sell well on eBay or Etsy. Do a completed search on your Little Tikes item, and see what the ending results of those sales brought. Remember, the time of the year and the competition you face will also affect the final selling price.

Whether you are buying to resell, or buying for your children or grandchildren to play on, don’t pass up a Little Tikes toys because it’s missing a part or decals, or the colors have faded. I’ll bet that you can get that Little Tikes toy at a bargain price. If you are missing any parts or decals you can order an array of replacements from Little Tykes. I recommend looking at the available replacement parts before buying a damaged or missing parts Little Tyke toy. You can bookmark this article so you can find the link later when you need it for future use. You can directly look up your replacement Little Tikes parts by Sku, Part Or Product Name here.

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