About Us

Reselling is our passion

We created this website, blog, to share our experiences to help, and to learn from our readers. An online reseller community and also a community of Experts and the Serious Collectors to share their knowledge with the rest of us. We welcome the new, the experienced, and all the resellers in between. A community that has ton of information available in one place to develop and grow all our businesses.

Learn the ins and outs in various areas such as:

  • eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist, and many other platforms
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Apps to make your business easier
  • Marketing
  • Online Shipping
  • The latest ecommerce trends
  • Alternative ways to sell offline
  • Business skills
  • An ongoing Database of Antique and Collectibles, also An ongoing Identification and Marking Guides in many areas and categories in our field to help out with researching

“Sourcing to Selling to Sold”

Our opinions and experiences of how to sell both traditional and non traditional online and offline in various venues come from what we have learned along the way.

DuAnn has over 20 years experiences of selling online successfully. She also spent 37 years selling in more traditional venues, sourcing and selling antiques and collectibles and sold just about anything you can imagine. Owning several Auction houses, including co-owner of a Livestock auction, A brick and mortar auction houses, and store. It has been a goal of hers for 20 years when she first started selling online, to make a one stop site that has everything you need, to help others in the business.

Doc has almost 15 years of experience selling online, including over 10 years of website design, seo, local and national website marketing and promotion using social media, paid and free online advertising, local promotion using print, word of mouth and relationship marketing. He also has owned a brick and mortar store and auction house. He has had 12 years experience negotiating LTL and truckload freight rates in a large corporate environment and has over 25 years in computer technology.